Food from Other Regions

From Other Regions

(USA/Japan/ EU/ Australia-New Zealand)

Inbound Trade: The sourcing choice to supply the domestic Vietnamese market with specific, high-demand, US and other internationally acquired products is LNS InterCorp.

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Through our outstanding US supply partner, Costco, LNS InterCorp distributes a wide range and selection of popular dry goods and healthy snacks to and within the domestic Vietnamese market. Whether as ‘ready-to-pick’ or in ‘customized’ packaging, you’re assured to get what you want, often with/through great deals from our suppliers.

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Working closely with product suppliers in the US, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Japan and a number of European sources, LNS InterCorp is expanding the Vietnamese market outreach of each.

For more information on the Food Products imported to Vietnam from other regions, please contact us.

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