Along with the official launch of WLIN PASSION USA+, it is likely that members of the International Women Leaders Network will easily recognize a very familiar name at the position of Executive Chairman of the club – Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen. Entering the U.S. on an honored O-1A visa issued by the U.S. Government for talented female business leaders, after a while settling down, she has come back and taken on a new role as Executive Chairman of WLIN PASSION USA+. Let’s listen to her sharing at the beginning of a new journey as well as understand more about the direction of the club.


Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen is known as a talented businesswoman who has been in many positions such as CEO Genki Japan House, CEO of Global Maritime Services Company, CEO of Luong Nguyen Services Co., Ltd., and CEO of LNS US LLC. For the activities of the WLIN Women’s Leadership Network, she used to serve as a Vice President of WLIN Ho Chi Minh in charge of Tourism, Restaurant, Hotel, Food, Beverage Board and President of WLIN Charming Club for the Third term.

Ms. Jolie Nguyen – Former Vice President of WLIN HCM in charge of Tourism, Restaurant, Hotel, Food, Beverage Board – Former President of WLIN Charming Club for The Third Term – CEO of LNS US


Always playing the key roles in the businesses and networks that she is involved in, her skill and spirit as well as talent have been proved through many prestigious individual and collective awards such as: Queen of Talent WLIN Southern Network; Top 50 Typical Female Business Leaders in 2020; The Best Personality Award; Honored member who achieved Traffic Light with 100 points within 12 consecutive months of BNI; The title of Inspirational Female Leader; Excellent enterprise in the Top 100 The Best Asian Brands 2019 (Genki Japan House); WLIN Charming Club, which she ran, become the club with best development in WLIN Vietnam.


In order to achieve the above success, Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen always keeps herself as an energetic and enthusiastic female leader, dedicated to her work, she shared: “Running many companies at the same time in many fields from a very young age, I always set myself in an aggressive mood in very move, thanks to that, the passion for work keeps increasing over the years. My business itself is making bigger moves as its future plans, which not only opens up a lot of new plans and opportunities, but also great challenges for me. But I always understand what I want to do and what value I always want to aim at to set the priority for each stage. And either way, the core value of business, and my life, still remains the same over the years.”

Ms Jolie’s steadfastness on the core values of business and life


Despite her many jobs, Jolie Kim Huyen is still a person who knows how to balance her time with her family and career: “Although my work is extremely busy, I am a moderate and balanced person amongst health,  family and career. And even more fortunately, I have a great spouse who can support me in business, take care of my children’s development in every stage. We always cherish simple things like hanging out together in a coffee shop just for reading a book or chilling out. The weekend is also a time for us to sit down and talk about a past week, about what we have achieved and from that to encourage each other to move forward.”

“Just go and you will arrive, just persevere; enough grace, flowers will bloom” are the conclusions of Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen after many startups and business management


It is known that Ms. Jolie recently settled with her family in the United States, and although she had just been here for a very short time, as soon as she received an invitation to join WLIN PASSION USA+ Club from President Mai Thu Huyen, she did not hesitate to accept the role as the Executive Chairwoman of the club. Jolie said: “Despite having served as an Executive Chairwoman of WLIN Charming, having great experiences in a variety of positions, Jolie understands that each journey will have new challenges, joys, new happiness, and Jolie will always be committed to the community in the role of  Executive Chairwoman of WLIN PASSION USA+ club to start a new journey with President Mai Thu Huyen as well as all members of the club.”


With that courage, as an Executive Chairwoman of WLIN PASSION USA+, Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen shared her feelings at the club’s launch meeting: “Jolie is extremely happy and touched, especially extremely proud of a new mission at WLIN PASSION USA+, this will be a completely different journey, a new passion just like the chosen name WLIN PASSION. With the guideline “Giving is receiving” which will be applied in all community activities of the club; hopefully, it could bring positive values to each individual and business. In addition, WLIN PASSION USA+ also aims to help raise the brand, brand name for the members, so that everyone will have the opportunity to shine like stars.”


In her new role – Executive Chairwoman, Ms. Jolie Nguyen will definitely bring a very unique footprint to WLIN Passion USA +


With the leading of President Jolie Kim Huyen, WLIN PASSION USA+ club has built its development direction with the slogan Connecting without limit – a statement that expresses exactly what WLIN PASSION USA+ wants to bring to the club’s members. A bond that transcends the borders of business women not only in Vietnam, the U.S, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Europe – but also between business women who share the same ideals at the 2 sides of the globe.


WLIN PASSION USA+ is always pleased to welcome Vietnamese business women living in the U.S and other countries around the world; Vietnamese business women who develop international trade business as well as any business women who have developed their business with the Vietnamese market, with the goal of gathering positive energies, sharing experiences, creating a community of female entrepreneurs with the orientation of developing international trade. The Club will always set up monthly and quarterly connection activities through online form. The unlimited connection between members from different countries will be a great opportunity to socialize for all members of WLIN PASSION USA+.

And with the great things that Ms. Jolie had brought to the Network before, all members of WLIN in general and WLIN PASSION USA+ club in particular have the right to believe that this new journey will be even more monumental and successful: “Jolie believes that this will be a very wonderful and very proud journey,  Jolie is grateful to everyone for giving Jolie this new opportunity and mission, and I will certainly live and lead WLIN PASSION USA+ with kindness and with all my heart.”



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