LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation today officially announced that C&T Produce Wholesale, Inc. dba L&V Food Supply, a leading food import and distribution company in the United States, became a strategic shareholder, holding 50% equity ownership in LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation. L&V Food Supply will accompany LNS International Corporation in the journey of developing a global food import and distribution system.

LNS US LLC DBA LNS International Corporation headquartered in Houston Texas, USA is a food importer and distributor in the United States, part of the LNS Group ecosystem with over 18 years of industry experience. LNS International Corporation has a strategic orientation to build and develop a food distribution system worldwide, with a solid launching pad starting from the US market. Currently, in addition to the headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA, LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation has offices in countries such as LNS Vietnam since 2008, LNS Europe, LNS New Zealand & Australia, LNS Japan Shokuhin since 2022.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Therefore, from 2023, LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation has begun to cooperate with C&T Produce Wholesale Inc. dba L&V Food Supply, is a company with a 20-year history, specializing in importing and distributing Vietnamese products in more than 1,000 supermarkets and food store chains in the US market. L&V Food Supply has been developing a distribution system in nearly 40 states across the United States, with more than 1,000 products from Vietnam and other countries, including specialty, unique, and regional products. Convenient packages, Vietnamese fruit products, as well as seafood products with the CT Choice brand and many other famous brands such as Phuc An, Song Huong, Thien Huong… With the ownership of many trucks Running across the state of L & V Food Supply, products of CT Choice and LNS are getting closer and closer to overseas compatriots across the United States in the nostalgia of hometown food.

With its strengths and potential, C&T Produce Wholesale, Inc. dba L&V Food Supply, after becoming a strategic shareholder, will accompany and strongly develop the food distribution system with LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation, not only in the US market, but also develop the distribution system worldwide under the CT Choice brand.

C&T Produce Wholesale, Inc. dba L&V Food Supply will be the leadership, directly responsible for leading LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation to develop to reach the world.

As for LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation, with the strength of international trade and import-export business since 2003, LNS US LLC dba LNS International Corporation confidently accompanies, expands products, and expands distribution markets globally, ensuring the diversity of distribution channels, constantly innovating to improve quality, targeting nutritional value, convenient packaging, in line with modern consumer trends, helping Vietnamese specialties closer to the World.

With a team of dynamic, industry-experienced, dedicated and creative staff in many countries, CT Produce Wholesales INC. and LNS International Corporation is committed to being a bridge connecting Vietnamese specialties and Vietnamese brands to increasingly reach out so that Vietnamese Cuisine deserves to be called the World’s Cuisine Kitchen.

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