Leader, Jolie Kim Huyen, Was Honored To The Award “Top 50 Asia-pacific Women Leaders 2022”

Jolie Kim Huyen is known as Executive Chairman of WLIN InterContinental, Co-Founder of Maritime Services Company, CEO of Luong Nguyen Services Co., Ltd., CEO of Genki Japan House, CEO of LNS US. Recently, she was named at the Ceremony to honor the Top 50 Women Leaders of Asia-Pacific 2022 organized by WLIN Global Holdings (WGH).

Starting a business right after graduating from Foreign Trade University, and since then, every 5 years, businesswoman Jolie Kim Huyen has started an industry and set the goal of the new industry to be larger than the previous one in both scale and complexity. So far, she has owned 4 multi-sectoral operating companies based in Vietnam and abroad.

Owning 4 businesses in different fields, businesswoman Jolie Kim Huyen has been constantly challenging herself to conquer new goals. Maritime Services is a logistics business co-founded by Jolie Kim Huyen in 2003. Up to now, the company has owned an agent system in more than 100 different countries, serving as a forwarder for many customers, large global corporations in beverage packaging, seafood, furniture, agricultural products.

In the last two years, she has also shown her bravery when she embarked on expanding her business model into sushi catering under Genki Japan House, a brand specializing in importing and distributing Japanese food and ingredients to the Vietnamese market. The company, which achieved unplanned success from an office with just over 10 members in 2015, now has eight offices, warehouses and about 30 sushi corners in supermarkets with more than 200 employees nationwide.

Genki Japan House brand is growing day by day with the leadership of businesswoman Jolie Kim Huyen

Besides managing Maritime Services, Genki Japan House and Luong Nguyen Services Co., Ltd. in Vietnam, businessman Jolie Kim Huyen is not afraid to challenge herself when settling in the US and establishing LNS US Company – a company in the stone export industry with the expectation of bringing Granite, Quartz stone, Basalt stone and Vinyl flooring products made in Vietnam to many larger markets.

Proud to be honored as Top 50 Women Leaders of Asia-Pacific 2022

Becoming interested in business at a very early age, besides managing and operating, Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen realized that she needed to share the experiences that she accumulated in the business process to the community and this is also one of the reasons why she decided to join the WLIN Global International Women Leaders Network. With her competence and prestige, she has achieved great success by taking on the role of Executive Chairman of WLIN InterContinental and leading the club to organize many meaningful activities for the community, especially connecting Vietnamese female leaders in all continents.

Operating business means to deal with difficulties from time to time, but after all, Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen has overcome and improved herself more than before. Sharing about this, she said: “Business management is very difficult itself; however, community leadership is even more difficult because all the women here, they are already business owners with different visions and abilities, so those need to be reconciled. Sometimes I’m really tired since I have to deal with the company, the family, the community at the same time, but just think about the values I can bring to the community and get supported, help people grow better, I feel energized to overcome that feeling. Thank you to WLIN Global for its orientation to develop the clubs in a more in-depth and valuable way for the advancement of women, for their own development and for contributing to enhance the business.”

With her contributions to the community, on April 15, 2022, at the ceremony to honor the Top 50 Women Leaders of Asia-Pacific 2022, Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen was honored to be awarded the award for her activities to contribute to socio-economic development and inspire the business community.

Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen received the award at the Ceremony honoring the Top 50 Women Leaders of Asia-Pacific in 2022 (representing the recipient of the award)

Sharing her feelings about receiving the Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders 2022, Ms. Jolie Kim Huyen said that the award is a big source of motivation to help her have more confidence and strength to implement her plans for the female leadership community, contribute to the activities to help WLIN Global International Women Leaders Network in particular and WLIN Global Holdings in generally grow stronger in the future.

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