Experiences on the journey of starting a business in many various fields

Entrepreneur Jolie Kim Huyen is a female leader who is always at the forefront of community activities. Recently, she has excellently become one of the typical faces honored in the prestigious award – Top 100 Global Entrepreneurial Styles – Pioneer 2021-2022.




Starting a business as soon as she graduates from the Foreign Trade University, every 5 years businesswomen start an industry and aim for the latter to be larger than the previous one in both size and complexity. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Logistics and owning a network of agents in more than 100 different countries, working as a forwarder for many customers, large global corporations in beverage packaging, seafood, furniture, agricultural products,

Global Maritime Services, founded in 2003 under the direction of CEO Jolie Kim Huyen, grew by 250% year-on-year and was the best year since its inception.

Co-founder – CEO of:

  1. Global Maritime Services
  2. Genki Japan House
  3. LNS US

Not only that, in the past 2 years, Jolie Kim Huyen has expanded her business model to the sushi catering segment of Genki Japan House – a brand specializing in importing and distributing Japanese foods and ingredients to the Vietnamese market. Especially in the period when the Covid pandemic occurred, Genki Japan House further developed the sushi processing industry for family parties, offices, invested in an e-commerce online channel that was well received by customers and became the Top 1 sushi industry in Vietnam trusted by Japanese restaurants and 5-star hotels nationwide.

Genki Japan House has 8 warehouses, offices and 20 sushi corners at the big supermarkets with more than 200 employees nationwide.

In addition, 2022 also marks the 10th anniversary of entrepreneur Jolie Kim Huyen starting a stone export business with LNS Vietnam Export Trading Joint Stock Company established in 2012 and now LNS US when she settled in the United States. This is probably the industry that she prioritizes to develop in the future when not only developing in the market Jolie Kim Huyen expects to bring Vietnamese granite, quartz, basalt or vinyl flooring products to more major markets.

At the same time, the female leader combined with long-time partner Savas Mermer to open a joint venture company in the US and Vietnam to provide more marble products from Europe in these 2 markets.




Having spent 20 years in the market, Jolie Kim Huyen realized that every path has many difficulties but is an opportunity for her to strongly stand up and lead the company to develop steadily. Typically, businesswomen start a challenging journey with Japanese food despite having no knowledge of Japanese cuisine other than experience in exporting seafood, so when she is distributed to large restaurants and hotels with traditional business on Horeca wholesale channel encountered the impact of the epidemic, sales were even 20% at times, but immediately, Jolie Kim Huyen made the decision to switch to the retail B2C market and make convenient sushi and sashimi sets for delivery, which made Genki Japan House stepped through a new page.

Entrepreneur Jolie Kim Huyen always feels proud of the journey that has passed when she has done her best and is very complete.

During her business journey, Jolie Kim Huyen realized that a great leader always has the flexibility to make quick decisions, and at the same time must know how to accept challenges in many different areas, especially new fields, dare to commit and dare to take risks. Starting a business in 4 industries with 4 companies, the businesswoman realizes that no matter how external challenges her mind is unstable, there are extremely difficult periods that I think I cannot overcome and go bankrupt, but at those times, I am even more fearless,  Still think the biggest business loss is just losing money and the experience on that journey is invaluable.



In addition to being the CEO of 3 companies with nearly 300 employees to experience true business, she is also the Executive Chairman of WLIN Passion USA+ and one of the global BNI community development directors to help with business, build relationships and strive to create more global connection values.

Businesswoman Jolie Kim Huyen was honored as a Pioneer Entrepreneur at the Ceremony honoring the Top 100 Global Entrepreneurial Styles – Pioneers 2021-2022.

Not only that, she is also one of the only 2 hosts from Vietnam of the Southeast Asian youth ship SSEAYP 39 invited by the Japanese government to Japan for 7 days to attend with host families of 10 other Southeast Asian countries.

In addition, Entrepreneur Jolie Kim Huyen received CLN’s The Best Personality Awards at the Logistics Industry Conference with more than 80 participating countries in 2017, was honored as a Powerful Woman in the field of Import and Export in 2021 and Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur 2019-2020.

Recently, businesswoman Jolie Kim Huyen has just been honored as one of the pioneering Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the United States at the Ceremony honoring the Top 100 Global Entrepreneur Styles – Pioneers 2021-2022. For Jolie Kim Huyen, the community is a place that brings a lot of experiences, partners and important people in life, so she always wants to contribute more to community activities.

Jolie Kim Huyen is pleased to continue her mission as Executive President of WLIN Passion USA and WLIN Pioneer EU+. Through this, she will actively create more value for the WLIN Global International Women Leaders Network in the United States and other countries, while developing her favorite businesses.

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