Ms. Jolie Nguyen – proudly honored the outstanding businesswoman in Vietnam 2022

On 2/4, the name of entrepreneur Jolie Nguyen was honored on the stage of the Vietnam National Opera and Dance in the category “Excellent Vietnamese Entrepreneur”, once again marking the efforts and contributions of Binh Thuan girl during her relentless efforts.

With talent and effort, empty hands can also write a great work
The story of a little girl who sells sugarcane juice but has a heartbreaking dream of changing her life is always repeated in the business world at home and abroad. Ms. Jolie Nguyen’s dream from empty hands has been the inspiration to bring young girls from poor rural areas through decades of windy life to bring proud achievements to herself and her family.

It’s hard to believe a Cinderella story of becoming a princess, but in this bittersweet real life, Cinderella Jolie Nguyen doesn’t need any prince. Ms. Jolie took the opportunity to become a student at the Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City, then continued to shed tears many times with the first startups in her life, so that one day, the tears rolled on her lashes with happiness.

Global Maritime Services, Genki Japan House, communities of entrepreneurs and colleagues
Today, Jolie Nguyen’s name is mentioned as the owner of many large companies in many different fields such as Import and Export, Food, … The big brands led by this brave captain have been receiving trust from many domestic and foreign partners. It was Global Maritime Services – the first ship led by Jolie, Genki Japan House – a company specializing in Japanese food for major hotels and restaurants nationwide.

In addition, Jolie is also an active name at many community organizations, such as WLIN International Women’s Leadership Community, BNI Global Business Connection Organization. Not only an active member, Ms. Jolie is also the executive chairman of more than 3 WLIN clubs and the development director of BNI GLOBAL Chapter launched with more than 50 members, and always an endless inspiration for young entrepreneurs with burning desires and beliefs.

Vietnamese women’s Ao Dai on the stage of Hanoi Opera House
With the achievements, on 2/4, together with more than 30 businessmen nationwide, Jolie joined the Organizing Committee to have a public press conference at Uncle Ho’s mausoleum. And then, in honor and pride, Jolie received the recognition of the Institute of Human Resource Development Sciences, Economy and Culture with the category “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Vietnam 2022”.

This is the result of a journey of effort, a testament to a real-life Cinderella story, and an inspiration for hundreds of entrepreneurs on a boat to start a business off the coast of far away.

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